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Vision is a Christian charity run entirely by volunteers. Most of our funding comes from individuals and churches who see the difference our work makes in the lives of local children and young people.

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How is funding used?

Donations from individuals and churches are used in three very important ways...

1. Events and activities for local young people

Last year our volunteers met over 1,200 children and teenagers at Woodlea Mission and at primary / secondary schools. Regular, face-to-face work with young people is the heartbeat of everything we do, and with the launch of some all-new teams we hope to reach more 4-18 year olds than ever before in 2017.

2. Training for volunteers

As a charity, we aim for the highest possible standards of youth work - a value we see reflected in feedback received from young people, parents, and schools. In addition to in-house youth work and safety training provided to volunteers by Vision, your support helps us source specialist training on specific challenges facing today’s young people including self-harm, suicide, and mental health.

3. Investing in the future

Following the re-opening of Woodlea Mission, a tremendous amount of time and energy has been invested behind the scenes to develop the charity in a way that is sustainable in the long term. In September 2016, we began restructuring into 15 all-new teams (which we aim to complete before Vision’s 15th birthday in December). Your support is so important here as we seek to ensure the charity not only helps young people today, but is ready to give future generations the opportunity to hear the life-changing Christian message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Vision claim Gift Aid on my donations?

Yes. If you tick the Gift Aid box and enter your address, we can claim an extra 25% on top of your donation - so a £10.00 donation is worth £12.50! This is given by HMRC from what you've paid in income tax this year, so you must be a tax payer and have paid at least the same amount in tax that Vision will claim on your donation.
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Do I need a PayPal account to donate online?

No. We use PayPal because it's secure and trusted, but you don't need an account.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.